Mixland strives to provide innovative tools & solutions for music makers. The Mixland dream team is a collab between Grammy Award-Winning mixing engineer, Jesse Ray Ernster, who designs the products, and grandmaster coder Eddie Lucciola, who brings them to life inside your computer and DAW!

Mixland is passionate about defying the "norms" of audio and record-making. We are obsessed with forging new tools and paths within this space. In addition to making plugins, sample packs, and DIY resources, Mixland focuses on building a community that supports and nurtures the curious tinkerers and music-makers within it.

Part of the next generation of audio professionals, Mixland promotes progress in the industry through education, positivity, compassion, inclusion, and an endless insatiable desire for musical and creative excellence.

Jesse Ray Ernster

This Bard of the Mixing Desk has spent ages attuning himself to the music of the spheres. With a touch as delicate as a hobbit's and an ear sharper than an Elf's, he guides the flow of sound, weaving sonic tapestries worthy of the halls of Mandos himself.

Eddie Lucciola

This swift-fingered coder walks unseen paths through the tangled thicket of ones and zeroes. Like a tireless Elf traversing the digital realm, Eledhwen crafts tools that would make even the Dwarven smiths of yore marvel at their precision and beauty.