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Pop to Punch: Mixing Masterclass with Grammy Winner, Jesse Ray

Pop to Punch: Mixing Masterclass with Grammy Winner, Jesse Ray

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All-New Course with a Fresh Approach

Experience a day in the life of Grammy Award-Winning mixer Jesse Ray Ernster (Doja Cat, Burna Boy, Megan Thee Stallion) in a new video series as he tackles two vastly different projects! Learn essential mixing techniques, problem-solving strategies, and client communication skills - all applicable to various genres and situations.

This masterclass is focused on real-world challenges. No perfect stems or million dollar setups here - just great songs, practical skills and a passion for excellence.

  • Pop Perfection - “if you still like me in the morning” - Tessa Rae

    Learn the art of subtlety and the art of "not messing it up!". Jesse utilizes a less-is-more approach as he mixes in-the-box right out of the producer's session.

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  • Rap Mastery - "I Made It" - Docta Bionix

    Jesse builds this hard-hitting mix from scratch in a blank session and pulls out all the stops to bring this mix to life. He even implements some analog hardware on the mix bus as well!

  • Beating the reference mix

    Learn clever techniques to beat the ref mix with loudness AND more compelling dynamics, simultaneously.

  • Client Interaction & Mix Notes!

    Follow Jesse through the entire process, from meeting the client for the first time, down to the final mix note.

  • Levelling the Playing Field

    Jesse proves that you can achieve pro-level results with limited gear and a budget-friendly setup.

Additional Topics Covered:

  • Heavy Lifting: Mixing for Impact
  • Great Edits = Great Mixes!
  • No Stone Left Unturned: Experimentation leads to Discovery
  • Eyes Closed, EARS OPEN
  • Preparing Deliverables, Naming Conventions
  • Overcoming doubt, POWERING THROUGH!

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Pop DaSilva
Really cool!

Watching the videos and seeing how Jesse does it is a treat!


Come on, the approach open my mind in many aspects to get the best of my mix, I really appreciate it, thanks all involved for this great masterpiece.

Pedro Teixeira

Pop to Punch: Mixing Masterclass with Grammy Winner, Jesse Ray

Michael Boyd
Excellent demonstration of "in the box" mixing

I am still making my way through the videos but I have to tell you they are great. It is a treat to watch Jesse Ray work his magic with actual jobs. I love many things about it but particularly the conversation with the artists and how to interpret their requests. I love how Jesse breaks down his decision processes for applying and not applying "moves" to the mix. Very inspiring stuff that I got a lot of value from. I don't have most of the plugins Jesse used but am looking into acquiring what I can and finding alternatives for what I can't. Thanks for the videos, I really enjoyed it!

Derek Espinoza

This little Gem of a masterclass is a very straight forward mixdown of 2 great songs. If you want to learn how to do less when mixing this course is very eye opening. listen through with your go-to monitoring setup for mixing and you'll hear what takes a good mix to the next level. Jesse Ray is cool.