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freeTILT! - Transformative Tube EQ & Saturation Plugin

freeTILT! - Transformative Tube EQ & Saturation Plugin

One knob. One Fader. Delicious Tube EQ and Saturation.

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  • Incredible Sounding EQ

    Boost or Cut energy with meticulously-tuned filters that sound incredible no matter how far you go.

  • Delicious Tube Saturation

    A warm adjustable tube stage works hand-in-hand with the EQ to deliver compelling richness and texture to your sources.

  • Easy and Fast to use!

    Simple layout provides brilliant results almost instantly. No EQ skills or mixing knowledge required!


  • Available in AAX, VST3, and AU formats 
  • macOS M1, M2, M3 Native (Mac OS X 10.7 and higher)
  • Windows 64bit (Windows 7 and higher)

“freeTILT makes it so easy to quickly mix songs that have a bunch of muddy sources; simply cranking the TILT knob cleverly boosts highs and cuts muddy lows simultaneously.”

-Grammy Award-Winning Mixer, Jesse Ray Ernster

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Barbara Thompson

freeTILT! - Transformative Tube EQ & Saturation Plugin

Ugi Ugi

freeTILT! - Transformative Tube EQ & Saturation Plugin

Very hot!

I like the EQ section, pretty good tool to shape the tonality. The tube saturation (it’s more like a distortion) sounds good but doesn’t have much headroom. It works on some individual tracks but too much for busses. I would use it as a parallel crush or something like that.

Myles Massey
Thanks guys good shit!

Keep doing what y'all doing, your plugins have reached the trenches of Washington D.C where I continue to sauce up the hood with mixland goodness.

LaToyia McKnight
Love it

Great plugin. Thanks Mixland!

  • "freeTILT works well for applying broad tonal changes to a sound while optionally adding some tube warmth and character on top!"

    -Bedroom Producer's Blog