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Rubber Band Compressor V2

Rubber Band Compressor V2

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Analog Tone, Digital Flexibility.

The only channel strip you'll ever need.



  • Reimagined Rubber Band circuit with our newest modeling technology for greater transient punch, harmonic feel, rhythmic bounce, and sonic resolution.
  • Workhorse Compression: perfect for all scenarios- from invisible vocal leveling to all-out sonic obliteration!
  • Innovative "Floating Ratio" that produces musical compression that moves and bloms to the groove of the material it is being fed
  • Several flavors of compression: swappable FET and VCA circuits
  • Tube Saturation with 2 harmonic modes, crunch knob, and adjustable tube bias
  • Passive Tube Shelving EQ: 
    • Low Shelf   (+/-12db) (20hz, 60hz, 100hz, 200hz)
    • High   Shelf (+/- 12db (1khz, 8khz, 16khz, 40khz)
  • Analog Tape Mode adds a warm tape emulation to the signal 
  • Oversampling (2x, 4x)
  • 3 Voicing Options (Vintage, Flat, Modern) for quick effective tonal results
  • Available in AAX, VST3, and AU formats 
    • macOS M1 & M2 Native (Mac OS X 10.7 and higher)
    • Windows 64bit (Windows 7 and higher) 


Artist Testimonials:

"Paralelling my drums slammed through the rubber band compressor has helped me bring back the feeling of power on records with live drums"

-Teezio, Grammy Nominated Mixer (Lil Nas X, Offest, Chris Brown)


"The Rubber Band Comp is beautifully transperant, fun to use, and also fun to look at as well, which we never say about a compressor. ha!"

-Neal H. Pogue, Grammy-Winning Mixer (Tyler the Creator, Doja Cat, Outkast)


"This compressor is really cool. It's very flexible with a lot of parameters to adjust, so you can always get somewhere with it!"

-Eric Valentine, Producer/Mixer (Nickel Creek, Third Eye Blind, Queens of the Stone Age)

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