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The next generation of drum mixing plugins. 

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SUBLOOM is a new drum mixing console that gives you everything you need to shape your drums to perfection. With its comprehensive set of tools, intuitive interface, and helpful presets, SUBLOOM is the perfect tool for producers and engineers of all levels.


  • “Pitch Dive” section that allows users to emulate the natural resonance of live drums.
    • Adjustable Speed, range, and decay for crafting the perfect low end bloom
  • Comprehensive EQ 
    • HPF & LPF with resonant control for fine-tuning low end “notes”
    • Aggressive British style 3-band EQ 
      • Low (30hz, 60hz, 120hz)
      • Mid (400hz, 800hz, 1200hz)
      • High (3khz, 6khz, 12khz)
    • Pre/Post EQ Option for placing EQ first or last in the circuit (before or after transient design and saturation)
  • Meticulously-tweaked Transient Designer
    • Pre/Post switch to place before or after saturation
  • Gorgeous Saturation Circuit
    • 3 Modes that range from subtle warmth to tube obliteration
    • “Warp” feature that modifies the entanglement between the eq and saturation circuits
  • Easy to use (even for beginners!)
    • Clear and intuitive interface and a variety of presets to get you started.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Emmanuel Salen

    This thing is a must!

    William Slagle
    Not bad!

    Give me a free license and I'll elaborate more...booyah!

    Juan Aceves
    Love at first Bloom!!!

    Super cool tool! Thanks!

    Matteo Calvagno
    Great tool for a small price

    Compared to other tools, price is fair and it gives you all the tool you need for a perfect kickdrum

    Isaac Klein
    Great plug-in

    SUBLOOM provides a simple and intuitive solution to parallel processing for sound sources that could use a little extra umph! Fantastic plugin and worth every penny.