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STEAMDRIVER (Free Trial Demo)

STEAMDRIVER (Free Trial Demo)

One terrifying channel strip.

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      • CRUSHING VCA Compression

        Based on a never-before modeled piece of analog gear, this is a devastatingly aggressive compressor with a LOT of character.

      • Electrifying Saturation

        Switchable even/odd-order harmonic modes and transfer function/sinusoidal function distortion effects

      • Deeply Colorful EQ

        Discrete-modeled EQ with low and high shelving filters, LPF & HPF, and additional midrange Shape knob for delicious texture.


      • Available in AAX, VST3, and AU formats 
      • macOS M1, M2, M3 Native (Mac OS X 10.7 and higher)
      • Windows 64bit (Windows 7 and higher)

      “Steamdriver has some serious tricks up its sleeve. The character of this thing creates a completely new sound, unlike anything else. If you know, you know.”

      -Grammy Award-Winning Mixer, Jesse Ray Ernster

      Hate how it looks?

      No prob! Use the optional "Flat" GUI for a more simple workflow!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      John Pineiro
      Steamdriver plugin

      Awesome plugin... Busy studio her win Nashville and totally loving this plugin

      Derek Dee Bramble
      Very very Interesting :)

      This plugin is as quirky as it gets, Interesting sound & graphics, On first look, it would be very easy to not take it seriously but it sounds great and at the end of the day, That’s all that matters……D

      New Favorite

      This plug is so intuitive and useful. Graphics are unnecessary, but whatever. I have Trash and many others like it, but this is my new fav right now.

      Urb Arouet
      Very excellent intuitiv plugin !

      I appteciate this innovation

      Amit M
      Cool saturation!

      Love the saturation, really gives an analog vibe ITB without having sound too digital.

      • "STEAMDRIVER is a radical and fun new plug-in that can help us all open up interesting sounds and get our mixing done quicker."

        -Tape Op

      • "Very pleasing valve-like character and gives a nice progression from gentle fuzz to dirty yet musical distortions"

        -Music Tech

      • "Craziest Plugin Ever! I love this thing!"

        -MixBus TV